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Hi readers,

I am running low on stories at the moment. If you have any you would be willing to share (hobby, life event, vacation, etc…), please message me through the Facebook fanpage or leave a comment on here.

Thank You,

Posted by: Katie | September 27, 2012

Gardening and Health

In this post, we learn many things from Nancy: her love of flowers, crafts, and the importance natural products. She shares with us detailed information about flowers and gardening and provides many beautiful pictures. In addition, various useful links have been included in the discussion on natural products – go check it out!

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Posted by: Katie | September 24, 2012

Social Media Manager

Meg studied Magazine Journalism and English while at a university in New York and has a great interest in writing. She has a list of very influencial people that inspire her to follow her dreams; just recently, she was hired as a social media manager at a company in Virginia. Be sure to visit her blog:
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Posted by: Katie | August 6, 2012

Returns to Italy

Angie shares the struggles of studying for CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exams and balancing that with daily life; however, it paid off in the end when she passed her exams. In addition, she shares her experiences of traveling to Italy.
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Posted by: Katie | August 2, 2012

New Home Owners

Ryan and his fiancée, Cassandra, recently bought a new home. Here, Ryan discusses the process of buying the house and what the two of them were specifically looking for in this new home. He also gives advice to those currently searching for homes.

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The Heart of a Competitor

For all of you that don’t know Kyle, one thing about him is that he is a great competitor. He enjoys many sports and succeeds at the ones in which he participate – golf, tennis, and more. Kyle shares his experiences with sports as well as his love of Nascar races. In addition, while living in Arizona, he would often hike and cycle; it was somewhat difficult to balance sports with school, but he managed to do so.
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Passion for Radio

Tierney shares her passion for radio broadcastingin this short interview; her interest began in high school and has continued through her college experiences – such as volunteering at her university’s radio station. In addition, she had a professor that further inspired her to follow her passion and become more outgoing. She plans to get a Masters Degree in communication, but is currently completing an internship at a well-known station.
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Posted by: Katie | July 12, 2012

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer


Jeannie is a volunteer at a rescue center in Wisconsin and was able to share some of her experiences and details of this rescue center. At this center, there was an owl named Dakota that was stolen by some teenagers and was missing for quite a few weeks. However, he was found and is now back to himself. I was able to enter Dakota’s enclosure and he even began to hoot.

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Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been getting a lot of comments and apologize if I never got to yours. For some reason, all comments are being sent to the spam folder and I accidently deleted all spam twice (you think I would learn the first time. haha).

For those interested:
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Also, someone asked when I update. Typically, updates are on Mondays and Thursdays.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Study Abroad in South America

Katie discusses her time in South America as a study abroad course.
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