Posted by: Katie | October 8, 2012

Country and NASCAR

Read more to learn about Sarah’s interest in Country Music and Nascar. ­čÖé

1. How did your interest in Country music begin?
My mom raised us on country music and we were always listening to it. I can remember I used to make my barbie dolls sing concerts to Hank jr., George Strait, and Garth Brooks.
2.Who are your favorite country singers?
My favorite is Josh Gracin. I also love Ty England, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and Kenny Chesney.
3. How did you first hear of Josh gracin? Have you met him much?
I have followed Josh since he was on American Idol and have seen him in concert at least 6 times. The most recent show I went to was in August when my sister, mother and I drove 6 hours to Vermont to see him. It was also the first time I had gotten to meet him.

4. Where did you grow up and what were your favorite aspects of this location?
I am born and raised in upstate central New York in a town called Floyd in Oneida County. I think one of the redeeming qualities of the area is the sense of community we have.
5. What do you love most about NASCAR?
I love the excitement of NASCAR, that its such a strategy game even though others don’t see it that way. And the cute boys don’t hurt either. lol.
6. Do you have any favorite drivers?
Jeff Gordon is my all time favorite.

7. Have you witnessed a race in person? If so, which one(s)?
I attended the 2002 spring race at Dover international speedway. So far it’s the only NASCAR race.


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