Posted by: Katie | August 2, 2012

The Heart of a Competitor

For all of you that don’t know Kyle, one thing about him is that he is a great competitor. He enjoys many sports and succeeds at the ones in which he participate – golf, tennis, and more. Kyle shares his experiences with sports as well as his love of Nascar races. In addition, while living in Arizona, he would often hike and cycle; it was somewhat difficult to balance sports with school, but he managed to do so.

1. How often do you play Golf and what do you enjoy most about it?
I play golf at least three times a week during the summer. I am very competitive, so sometimes it can be hard to enjoy it to its fullest but I like that it is subtly relaxing and that I can enjoy a nice walk in a beautiful relaxing area. Normally, I am with my friends and am able to chat about whatever is on my mind. Along with that I can play golf until the day I die, which makes it a great hobby.

2. Other interests of yours involve tennis and running. Do you find a balance between all these activities or switch back and forth between phases of all?
Really I play tennis the most. I cycle when I find time, but tennis and golf are my priorities. Being on varsity golf and tennis is tough – especially with school alongside that; of course, I have to prioritize and school does come first and then my sports. I try to find a balance so I can even my playing times of each and squeeze cycling in when I have a nice cool morning in the summer so I can still have some time to myself.

3. You seem to enjoy trying new things. What have been your favorite activities?
Well when I lived in Arizona, I went hiking quite frequently and cycling – thats where I really got into it. I really began to appreciate the surroundings and nature really, by hiking through the grand canyon, specifically to Havisupai, which was by far my favorite adventure. Speaking of new things, I have recently picked up snow skiing which I find very enjoyable and luckily it comes naturally to me, so I am already doing the challenging courses. Obviously seasonal, I will venture up to Wisconsin with my friends in the winter to enjoy a full day of skiing.

4. Who are your favorite Nascar drivers? What interests you about Nascar races?
Nascar is one of those things that, for some reason, I get really excited about. When Raceday Sundays come something just gets me going, and many people ask me how I can sit and watch a race for hours but it just kind of attracts me. I love cars, and seeing them raced with passion makes it that much better. Racing is such a tough sport and gets bashed often but in reality sitting in that car for such long periods of time is taxing on a body and it takes immense focus. I suppose I prefer indycar over NASCAR and my favorite drivers would include Dan Weldon, who has passed away, along with Tony Kanaan and Dario Franchiti; Franchiti winning his third Indy 500 is an amazing feat.

5. With all sports mentioned, which players inspire you the most to strive for your best?
I think really the most influential would be Lance Armstrong, with his battles with testicular cancer and to come back and win seven Tour de Frances is amazing. Most cannot even win once, let along win it seven times. After founding LIVESTRONG he has made a multi-million dollar charity and still competes in triathlons and cycling races. Seeing such achievement in someone who has been through so much makes me think that anything I go through I can do because someone else had it worse, and took the best of it and made it their own.

6. What were your favorite/least favorite aspects of life in Arizona?
Nothing was bad about Arizona. Tucson is my favorite place in the world and I would go back in a heartbeat. Quite frankly the scenery along with tennis, golf, and ease of cycling facilities makes it ideal for me. Something about it just continues to resonate with me and being in Tucson makes me feel at home. The heat didn’t bother me in the least bit, and the architecture there is unique especially homes that sit atop the mountains, or in the foothills. I have many memories there, almost all positive and would love to get back to there.

7. What career path do you wish to pursue and what would be your dream career?
I argue often, and have been told many times that I should be a lawyer. I figured this would be a good choice because when you argue with facts you will always win. For a very long time I wanted to be an investment banker or money manager and still would like to be. But I think a lawyer may be more attainable and also more lucrative seeing as the investment banking job title has lost its notoriety along with its availability. My dream career would be to coach tennis somewhere in Arizona and have my own academy which, who knows, may still happen.


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