Posted by: Katie | August 2, 2012

New Home Owners

Ryan and his fiancée, Cassandra, recently bought a new home. Here, Ryan discusses the process of buying the house and what the two of them were specifically looking for in this new home. He also gives advice to those currently searching for homes.

1.Did you rely on newspapers, online postings, or both while searching for a new home?

  • We mostly used the internet when searching for the house.  Basically, a combination of real estate sites and a site our realtor set up for us.

2. Was there a certain style you two were looking for in particular?

  • We were looking for an “open concept” design with a large kitchen.  Preferably with wood floors and granite countertops.

3. How did you find out about the house that is now yours?

  • We did a lot of searching online (3-4 months) and selected 5-10 homes that we wanted to see in person.  After going through the houses you start to see what things are hidden by the homeowner that posted the online pictures.  You also get a feel for the neighborhood which is very important.

4. What would have been a deal breaker for you two (small yard, house too big, etc…)?

  • Small kitchen, small yard, located too close to main roads, located to far from work, major defects (cracked foundation, bad electrical, etc…).

5. Did either you or Cassandra experience a feeling like you had found the right house once you looked inside?

  • I think we both really liked the house and Cassandra was convinced it was the one right off the bat.  I needed to look at a few more to see how nice this one really was, plus the asking price was out of our budget.

6. Could you describe the aspects you like the most about the house?

  • Open concept, nice kitchen/appliances, 2 car attached garage, 2 full bathrooms, located within 10 minutes from work.

7. Do you have any tips for others looking for places to live?

  • Don’t settle, especially in this market.  Look at lots of different houses.  Don’t trust what you see in the photos online (very easy to use point of views to hide or mask defects).  Make sure you can see yourself living there for many years in the future.

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