Posted by: Katie | July 12, 2012

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer


Jeannie is a volunteer at a rescue center in Wisconsin and was able to share some of her experiences and details of this rescue center. At this center, there was an owl named Dakota that was stolen by some teenagers and was missing for quite a few weeks. However, he was found and is now back to himself. I was able to enter Dakota’s enclosure and he even began to hoot.

1. What makes animals so special for you?

As a child, I always loved animals; the connection one can make with an animal, such as a dog, is unforgettable. My father was a hunter and I was actually able to get him to volunteer with rescues in Milwaukee. My only regreat is that I studied education in college instead of pursuing something related to animals.

2. What pets did you have as a child?

I had a chicken and even raised bunnies. My family had a Beagle, but it was my father’s hunting dog and mainly stayed in its pen. At the age of 12, I had a Shetland Sheepdog. Now, I have two dogs and one cat.

3. Does your current job involve animals?

I am a Veterinary Assistant and and work mainly in the pharmacy area (giving out heart worm medications and more); though, I do sometimes get to help control the animals in the surgical area. I began as a receptionist, but wanted to be where the action was occurring, so I began with cleaning instruments

4. How did you first learn of the rescue center?
At the time, I was volunteering in Milwaukee when a friend told me of this wildlife rescue center, which was a closer distance. I had also been helping at the Humane Society with the bunnies, but wanted something nearby that was hands on – this center was perfect for me. I have volunteered since this center began in the 1990’s and have now been volunteering at the new location/building (which was built a year ago).


5. Do you have any favorite memories or memorable animals from this center?

There once was a badger that came in, but nobody took a picture of it – it was amazing to see a badger up close; it was paralyzed because it had 35 ticks on it. Other memorable animals were a black bear, coyote, and even a baby badger.

6. Have you gained a lot of knowledge from others while volunteering?

Absolutely! There is so much to learn and I have asked the staff many questions in the past. I love the birds and one thing I have learned is that there are formulas that are specific to breed and age.

One animal we can’t take in are fawn because of Chronic Wasting Disease.

7. What training is involved for volunteers?

There are volunteer orientations, but it only involves general information. Then, volunteers are placed with mentors that teach them the proper ways to care for the various animals.

In winter, classes are offered that educate volunteers on feeding, wound management, and raptor handling.


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