Posted by: Katie | June 24, 2012

Kathy’s story

Kathy shares her love of animals, Steve Irwin, and Religion.

1. Were you always interested in animals? Did you have any as a child?

Yes, I’ve loved animals all my life;  I watched many shows with animals as a kid.  As a child, my family had fish, hamsters, parakeets, cats, and dogs.

2. What pets do you have now?

We now have fish, dogs & cats, & a parakeet. We also  had rabbits, hamsters & a mouse, but they unfortunately passed away.

3. What feelings do animals bring into your life?

They bring joy & such unconditional love-they are like your kids. You feel good knowing your helping,  loving, and saving them. I have adopted strays and love helping them; I’ll never understand how people hurt an innocent animal.

4. Could you explain what you liked most about Steve Irwin?

I loved his passion the most. When he cried,Ii cried right along with him. He was amazing and his energy was exciting. I lgreatly enjoyed his love for the animals, his bravery with them, and his love for his family. In my opinion, he made his fans feel like family and Iwill always love him – he is my hero forever.

5. Do you have any favorite memories from the shows?

My favorite show of was Croc Diaries. I loved watching how they showed you the zoo andhow he opened his life to viewers. You saw  all the staff as well as his family, which made you feel like you were part of it all – I miss all of that.

6. What religion do you practice? Any favorite passages or religious quotes?

I am a Christian. I’m saved by Christ & I have a relationship with him – he helps me in my life. My favorite  verse:

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” Philippians 4:13.

7. Do you have any favorite religious songs?

Yes “I am a friend of God”



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  2. thanks so much katie for thinking of me- it was so fun::):)

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