Posted by: Katie | June 23, 2012

Colorado Life

Tina answers questions of why she decided upon moving to Colorado, her favorite outdoor spots, and her future plans.

1. How did you decide on Colorado? Was it the University?

It was the university. I had actually never visited Colorado until the weekend before school started.  I was all set ready to go to St Catherines in Minnesota for college but after spending the night for their preview day I decided that it wasn’t the school for me. By that time most of the places that had my major (Kinesiology at the time) had closed their admissions.  Western had sent me a VHS tape months earlier and after I re-found it I decided to apply.

2. How difficult was the move and how did you make new friends?

It was hard at first.  I was leaving the only place I had lived, my then boyfriend whom I thought I loved and all my friends.  I cried the first night but was able to get over it fairly quickly.  My first friends were the people on my floor in the residence halls. Friendships by convenience was what most of them were. I have contact with a few of them still but for the most part when we moved to different places around campus we stopped hanging out. I made my second core group of friends when I joined the Rodeo club, they were the ones that broke me out of my shell of shyness.  Sadly the group disbanded when I had come back from a hiatus my Junior year.  I had also joined a group called Program Council (PC) which I stuck with all of the years I was in college (and even after since my Fiancee was the director of the group).  My Junior year I started classes in the major I graduated with (psychology) and with that I started making friends with people in my classes. Then during my last semester I started attending Church and college ministries for a Sociology project and the people I met through that became another group of friends.
3. Since moving, in what ways has your life changed?

I have become a lot less shy and a lot more outdoorsy.   I do things like camp, bonfires, 4-wheeling, climbing, horseback riding now.  Things I wasn’t able to do in Wisconsin due to location.  There is a place less than 5 miles outside of town here called Hartmans where I have done all of those things and it’s been free.  Another big way my life has changed since coming out here was the fact that I became Christian.   When I came out here I considered myself Jewish and had only gone to church about 3 times in my life. Now I try to go every Sunday.  I guess another thing I have noticed is around here people like to hug… a lot. I’m not sure if it’s a Colorado thing or a Gunnison thing but I feel like people make it their goal to kill anyones bubble that they can.   Mine is now gone for the most part.
4. What are your favorite/least favorite aspects of life in Colorado?

It all depends on the part of Colorado you are talking about.  Where I live right now we have to drive 2 hours to go anywhere to shop that is not wal-mart.   But on the bright side that has made it so I’m pretty good at online shopping when I need to get something!   At the same time the town I live in has a lot of open spaces to hang out in.   I have rivers that I can take my dog to, parks to play in and the biggest lake in Colorado is practically in our backyard.   The town I live in now is known to be one of the coldest places in the US sometimes.  My junior year we stayed at -40 for over a week at night.  It was great.  The downside to that is that majority of buildings don’t have A/C for in the summer!
5. Do you have any favorite places to visit on a frequent basis?

Hartmans rocks which I talked about earlier.  Great place to just wander around.  I know a couple that even got engaged there.  I love taking my dog to one of the parks that has river access out here.

6. Do you plan on remaining in Colorado in the distant future?

Yeah, my fiance and I just moved to a new city in Colorado.  He got a really good job so chances of us moving out of Colorado are slim. He was also raised here and his family is all still here so he doesn’t want to leave.

7. If you had the money, would you pick somewhere else to live? If so. where?

I don’t think I would.  Colorado has been part of my life for a long time and I love the beauty of it.  Even in the big city you can walk outside and see the mountains and know nature isn’t too far away.


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