Posted by: Katie | June 19, 2012

Costa Rica Adventures

Lisa explains to us why Costa Rica should be next on your places to visit. While on a trip to Africa last year, she shared her love of the Costa Rican environment (including an awesome close encounter with a monkey) and her passion was clear. Reading this will certainly make you want to visit. šŸ™‚

1. How did you decide upon Costa Rica as a spring break trip?

Costa Rica has always had a place in my heart since I traveled there in highschool on a school trip. We spent 10 days there at the time, traveling all around the country and staying in 5 different lodges and hotels. We did everything from horseback riding through the mountains to white water rafting and taking night hikes through the jungle! We swam under a waterfall and visited one of the natural hot springs and even got to tour a banana plantation! It was definitely one of the best trips I had ever been on, so when I met my boyfriend who also loves Costa Rica, we decided we had to make a trip back together for spring break. We have now been two years in a row together and we love it

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2. What was your initial thought when first arriving in such a different environment?

When I first went there in highschool I think I was overwhelmed when I first got to Costa Rica. It was my first time traveling out of North America and my first time traveling without my parents. I immediately realized however that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been with the friendliest people!

3. What makes Costa Rica such an amazing place?

Everyone in Costa Rica is happy it seems. It is a completely different lifestyle than in the United States. The people truly enjoy life and don’t need material things to do so. The temperature there is pretty contant all year round, about 78 degrees, which allows all of the houses in the jungle to be built “open air.” I dont think there is anything more relaxing than waking up to the sounds of the jungle. There really are not that many mosquitos although some of the locals sleep under mosquito nets.. there are some big bugs but they won’t bother you!

4. Could you mention your favorite sights or activities during theseĀ amazing trips?

My favorite activities in Costa Rica include: horseback riding through the mountains and on the beach, White water rafting, cliff jumping, visiting an animal rescue place (sloths, monkeys, tree frogs, tucans, snakes), hiking, surfing, eating the amazing street food, enjoying the local cuisine, and playing with the stray dogs!

5. What other places (besides Africa) have you visited and what were those places like?

I have been to St. John in the US virgin islands which is a lot like Costa Rica. It is an island, beachy town which is one of the most relaxing places on earth I think! I have also been to Munich, Germany which is like nowhere else I have ever been. I went to visit a friend of mine who grew up there and still spends her summers there. We explored the famous city and checked out the night life- house music! We also explored the country and visited a castle. We went to visit her grandpa on the border of Germany and Austria where I had my first gambling experience!

6. Your boyfriend has an interest in surfing. Have you learned a bit about surfing? Any tips for those wanting to begin surfing?

I have learned a lot about surfing through my boyfriend who has traveled the world to surf and is so good! Surfers describe riding a wave as an addiction. It is the happiest feeling they can get and will chase after that feeling. Costa Rica is famous for its waves on both the Pacific side and the Carribbean side and they can get pretty big! I am learning how to surf and my advice would be to start on a long board and to practice your pop up technique on the beach first!

7. What challenges are you facing in graduate school and how do you handle the stress?

I have never had to study like this in my life. Not only did we have 2-3 tests a week for an entire year, but we have to remember the information! It has been a crazy stressful year but so rewarding as well. I know now that I can truly do anything if I put my mind to it. I dealt with the stress by exercising and taking some free time for myself whenever possible. After a big test I usually try to take a night off to relax and get some sleep so that I can study again the next day.

8. What would your dream job be?

My dream job would be to work in the Emergency Room at Tampa General Hospital as a Physician Assistant



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