Posted by: Katie | June 11, 2012

A Dancer’s Spirit

Maggie began her interest in dancing at four years old and is now participating in major performances, such as a Nationals Competition in New York City. Here, she shares her passion of dance.

1. How did you first get interested in dancing?
I can’t really remember considering I was about four years old. But I can imagine I liked the allure of pink tutus and pink tights. My mom used to do ballet as well so I’m sure that was a contributing factor. I feel like I’m in another world when I dance. It really transports me to another place.

2. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced with dancing?

The biggest challenge I faced with dancing was definitely battling constant perfectionism. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the whole thing of “I must be more flexible” “I must turn better” etc. I learned after high school that its not about being perfect and that imperfection makes dancing better. If you can see that someone is loving what they are doing, that’s where the real magic happens.

3. Who are your favorite dancers and why?

This is a tough one. I love so many people but Allison Holker may be one of my favorite dancers as well as Travis Wall. Allison looks flawless doing every single style and I’m obsessed with her extensions. Travis Wall, besides being an amazing choreographer as well, can just do things I’ve never seen and its so inspirational.

4. Do you have a favorite genre of dance? Which is it and why?

My favorite genres would have to be contemporary lyrical and jazz. I’ve always liked “weird” movements and music and contemporary dance fits in that category. It can also be pretty melancholy which I enjoy for stress relief and such. Jazz is just so much fun. I like jazz more bordering hip-hop than traditional jazz (as seen in Chorus-Line) since it is more modern and incorporates beats which I LOVE.

5. Could you describe the feelings you get while dancing and/or performing?

I am definitely happiest when dancing. It is also a great stress reliever. If I’ve had a rough day/week/year dancing alleviates all that and a weight is always taken off my shoulders after I’ve finished.

6. Do you have any songs that are your favorite for dancing?

I have a weakness for music with strings. Any song with a good violin or cello I’ll like it 95% of the time. I also love beats. Songs with beats just make you want to move. Now, if there’s a combo of both…thats even BETTER!
7. What’s your favorite non-dance activity or hobby?

My favorite non-dance activity would probably be eating. No but really, I love food and cooking a ton.

8. Have you performed a lot?

I’ve participated in many performances. I would  have recitals every year when I was in grade school leading up to middle school. When I was 11 I started competing and so the performances became a frequent endeavor. Once I left high school and went to college I joined a dance group and we would have two performances a year. I just recently joined a dance company called Dance WOrks Boston and I’m preparing for my first performance with them next week!

9. What are your favorite dance memories?

I have so many great dance memories, but some of the best ones that stand out for me are the Nationals Competition I went to in NYC as a senior in high school. Another one that stands out is my last performance as a senior in college with my dance group; so emotional and so fantastic. 9. In terms of choreographing, I think its different for everyone. I  like to listen to the song I’ve chosen and close my eyes. Typically when I do this, I start seeing images of dancing in my head or ideas coming together. I’ll then usually go to a studio and play around, do some improv, until I’ve come up with a solid couple of 8-counts. And then I just build upon that!

10. Do you have any future goals?

I would say my dance goals for the future would be to definitely keep choreographing and striving to always be better 🙂

One of Maggie’s Choreographed dances:


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