Posted by: Katie | June 3, 2012

A new beginning

A few years ago, Kari began using the online dating service; this is where she met Nick. Together, they are sharing their story of using the website, their relationship, and their recent engagement.

. What caused you to begin using eHarmony?

I originally joined together with my roommate at the time.  We both got to know a couple people online, and went on a few dates.  She ended up marrying someone she met on eHarmony, so I have always known first hand that it can work.  I went back on the beginning of last year, I just felt like it was a new year and a fresh start.  I was ready to meet someone that I could be serious with

2. What tips do you have for those that want to try this website?

Be patient!!   It doesn’t work over night, but it is definitely worth the wait.  Get to know lots of people, not just one or two.  I also think it’s really important to be yourself and be honest.  You’ll find someone who likes you for you.

3. Do you come up with any excuses to leave in case there is no attraction on your part? Did either of you encounter any bad dates?

I never made a plan to leave a date early.  I figured what is the worst that could happen? You go out and enjoy someone’s company for a drink or dinner.  None of my dates were that bad, but by the second date, you realize whether or not it’s a good fit.

4. How do you determine who is looking for an actual relationship and actually reading your info?

I can tell by the way people answer your questions, the amount of time the put into it.  If they aren’t trying and give short answers, they obviously don’t care.  And I think we both know that the time and money that goes into joining eHarmony, which shows how serious people take it.

5. Nick, how did you propose?

We were on vacation in Cancun, and had hired a photographer to take pictures and turn them in to a book.  We took pictures all around the resort, and also with my parents who were on the trip with us.   When we were down on the beach, I wanted us both to write in the sand – and I was going to write will you marry me?   Kari didn’t want to because she was in a dress, so I had to quickly think of something else.  Finally the photographer said ok, that’s it and I said – how about one more?  I had the ring behind my back and got down on one knee.

6. How has the wedding preparation been going? Are you working on the details together or splitting up the planning?

It’s going really well, especially for trying to pull it off in 7 months!   There is so much more to think about than we ever realized, but once the big things like when and where are decided, it really becomes fun.  I have really enjoyed how much I am seeing my family and friends because of all the planning.   As of right now we are sharing most of the planning.  As it gets to some of the smaller things like invites, programs and favors I think it will mostly be me!

7. I know it is quite early, but have you two been thinking of honeymoon locations? If so, where to?

We have already tossed around some ideas, we plan on waiting until next spring.  I would love to go back to Mexico, it will be about 1 year exactly after getting engaged!  Otherwise Hawaii, but that is a really long flight!!



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    • Thank you. I appreciate it 🙂

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