Posted by: Katie | May 17, 2012

Safariwise – Best guide ever!

Best safari guide ever! Those are the words from everyone in our travel group as we said goodbye to our guide, Robbie Bergh. Last year, I enrolled in a travel course that involved a trip to Namibia and the group couldn’t have been luckier to have Robbie as our guide. It was truly the trip of a lifetime – the accomodations were great and everyone had a fantastic time thanks to Robbie and the other staff. My group was so lucky because he was full of passion and knowledge of all the African animals we encountered. I highly recommend using Safariwise as your company when traveling to Africa…you will not be disappointed!

1. What jobs did you previously have before starting at Safariwise? How did you first hear of the company?
At the age of 16 and was in school, I worked for Dare Devil Adventures during my holiday times. It is a company that does quad bike tours through the Namib desert. The first time I noticed Safariwise is when I saw one of their vehicles on a safari; that began my interest.

2. Could you explain any training or other factors that were necessary in order to become a guide?
I went to NATH (Namibian Academy for Tourism & Hospitality) when I got the job at Safariwise. I think experience in the field is the most important and, because I was already used to working with people, I just had to get out there and learn!

3. What do you enjoy most about being a guide? Any funny stories about clients?
Adventure – you become addicted to it.

We were camping when a lady from Australia went to the toilet and did not manage to find her way back, so she ended up in the dark African bush for almost 2 hours. yikes!

4. Have you experienced any scary moments/close calls?
When I began guiding, I came a bit too close to an elephant and the next moment an calf came out of the bush; I then realised I was in big trouble. Without any warning (Elephants usually give those), a young bull charged towards us and I ended up reversing 300 meters at a high speed before the elephant went back into the bush. It was a close call and the best part is that some people got some pics – some of the elephant and some of the air!

5. Growing up in Swakopmund, you must love Namibia very much. How would you explain the feeling/vibe of Namibia to those that have not visited? Why should someone chose Namibia over countries like Botwsana, Kenya, or South Africa?
There is nothing like Namibia. I have been to a number of countries and I will never stay anywhere else. Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world;  the word I’m looking for is pristine. Namibia means the land of wide open spaces. Now add the big 5 to that and you have a mixture of everything!

6. What were your favorite sites of the recent trip to Madagascar?
Vakona Forest. It is situated +- 300km east of Antananarivo; my group and I saw the Indiri there. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. Those of you that have seen it will agree with me.

7. Rumor has it that you’re planning a visit to the States. Where in Florida are you headed and what are your expectations? What locations are you hoping to see?
Yes, I am planning on going there. I have some good friends there, including you Katie, that I would love to visit. They promised me a big party! I’m just looking for something else because, like I said, adventure becomes addictive! I will be happy with anything that comes my way.

8. What are some other places throughout the world that you wish to visit and why?
America is definitely first on my list – maybe a bit of Las Vegas because I like my poker 🙂
Australia is second since I would love to see the kangaroos.




The group with Robbie (after climbing Dune 45):



  1. What business are you currently doing? And how is your business doing?

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