Posted by: Katie | April 22, 2012

Adventurer, Conservationist, and Author

At the age of 19, Peter Allison (originally from Sydney, Australia) flipped a coin to decide which continent he would travel to – Africa or South America; the passion of travel was in his blood. He ended up traveling to Africa, starting out as a bartender, but quickly earning the title of Safari Guide. After many years in Africa, he returned to Sydney and was able to write two books (“Whatever You Do, Don’t Run” and “Don’t Look Behind You”) about his time as a guide in Africa; however, the urge to travel could not be avoided. A few years ago, Peter Allison traveled to South America to discover what he had missed so many years ago (and wrote his third book, “How to Walk a Puma”).

I had the honor of being able to set up an interview with this wonderful author and have learned so much more than what was written in his books. To me, his passion about his work, books, and wildlife is obvious during this chat and I certainly was impressed with his insight on his experiences. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. (I do apologize in advance. I have never done an interview before and was a bit nervous. I hope it doesn’t decrease the enjoyment of viewing for you. The next interview I plan with someone should flow better)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

How to Walk a Puma
His author page(I highly recommend all three of his books for readers):

With Jane Goodall


Contact Peter on:
Facebook (tons more great pictures)



  1. X-cellent, I haven’t read his book, How To Walk A Puma, but I’m going to..:)

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