Posted by: Katie | April 12, 2012

A Healthy Attitude

Heidi R.
Heidi lives in New South Wales, Australia and though I haven’t known her for long, I am aware that she did go through the process of losing a significant amount of weight. I thought it would inspire others to read her story of how she accomplished such a change – a change that some don’t have the determination to fully complete. She has also traveled to various places like Italy, New Zealand, Jamaica, and more; with her interest in photography, Heidi is able to gain more experience with her new camera and share her wonderful pictures online.

1. How much weight did you lose and how did you stay motivated through the process?
I lost roughly 30 kilos (66 lbs) in 2 lots within 7 months. My first 30 kilos was when I weighed 100 kilos (220 lbs) and I dropped down to 70 kilos (154 lbs) via Lite n’ Easy (which is a home delivery set meal weekly – expensive, but easy). However, I put 20 kilos (44 lbs) back on when I met someone back in 2004; I soon realised that you shouldn’t eat the same portions as your boyfriend. Actually, Lite n’ Easy played a major role in this because it did not teach me portion control or what to avoid. When I was single again (as my boyfriend left Australia to live in Scotland), I joined Weight Watchers and went from 90 kilos to 63 kilos (198 lbs to 139 lbs). Since then I have been able to manage what I eat. I have put on 10 kilos (22 lbs), but it won’t take long to lose with the right motivation.

The first time I lost the weight, someone said to me (when I was depressed) that I ‘didn’t love myself enough’ and I realised they were right. I wanted to prove to myself that I can love myself… and it worked! The second time I had a goal to go to Europe and wanted to see myself on a postcard on Santorini Island with a bikini clad body. 😉 I was just 5 kilos (11 lbs) away from the target, but I looked great in the end.

Now for the next 10 kilos… the benefit about consistently going to the gym is that you make amazing friends that have the same goal and encourage you to join them everyday. Your inspiration tends to bounce off them and their motivation tends to reflect the same way. My role-model is Jillian Michaels and I would love to follow her footsteps to encourage others to lose weight. I have her tomboy attitude, so why not have the same drive?


2. How did avoid temptations to cheat on your diet?

I didn’t really avoid temptations -I let myself have things like chocolate, but I just cut the portion down because I don’t believe in depriving myself. I am against the thought of people going on lemon detox diets, cabbage soup diets, or having a rubber around your stomach to stop you from feeling hungry (that is cheating). I feel that karma comes around… if you deprive your body in that way, it will come back. For example, one could on a lemon detox for 8 weeks (or whatever time they give you) and lose 5 kilos, do they tell you what to eat after you are done? I’ve seen people put all that weight back on in a week or two because they’ve gone back to eating their normal meals. I don’t believe in cheating by depriving oneself. You just have to slowly teach your belly that you’re on a mission to lose weight.

3. Besides changing poportion size, what activities do you enjoy to stay healthy?

The gym can be boring with just weights and cardio and can easily put you off if you do the same thing over and over again. I started to get out and about and do outdoor activities; you can get a better workout doing outdoors sports then indoor ones (depending on what you do). I have 2 big dogs – a German Shephard and a Doberman – that love walks! I really enjoying taking them when it’s slightly cooler during the day. I also commit myself to indoor rock-climbing once a week and rockabilly dancing on Tuesdays. I also like bushdancing, which is a total sweat-fest(sweat is good).

I even invested in a epilitical trainer at home that set up with a TV & DVD player. I hire a movie and watch it while I move about on the trainer for 60 minutes. Also, I attend a self defense class that I’m loving at the moment. I do this every Thursday and am the only girl in the class… it’s fun when the boys are scared of me. 🙂

4. Health seems to be quite important to you (as it should be for everyone). Do you have any favorite healthy meals?

My favourite meal is bolognese without the spaghetti/pasta. I avoid the carbs as much as I can (even though it is a weakness). I thought about what I like best about spaghetti … and that’s the bolognese/meat. So I have a bowl of that for dinner in front of the telly as a treat. To make it healthier, I also throw in mushrooms and peas.

5. I haven’t known you long, but you seem to enjoy traveling. Can you tell the readers your favorite places to visit and why?

My favourite places to travel are: Italy (because it’s such a romantic country and now that I’ve travelled from Sicily to Venice, I found that each village/town has a history & reason of its style – especially Venice). I also loved visiting Santorini Island; the 2nd time that I went, I stayed in Oia and I never wanted to leave because it was so peaceeful and relaxing.

6. You’re going to China soon. Where in China and do you know any Chinese phrases?

I am going to Shanghai, Beijing and Xian. I don’t know any chinese phrases, but my mother is fluent with Mandarin and will be my translator on the trip. Gran did teach me the naughty words in chinese,  but I won’t share this with you because it’s rude (haha). I am looking forward to hiking the Great Wall of China and seeing the Terracotta Warriors.

7. You bought your first SLR camera not too long ago. How was the process of learning the settings and what captures your eye the most?

I’m so used to the digital camera and it’s standard features that I didn’t know what an ISO was or how to use speed shutter timings.  I took one look at the manual and gave up, so I paid for a professional photographer to take me around the city for 3 hours. I thought of what I would love to take and when I asked him how, he showed me. He also showed me trick photography and I was stoked. It really helped me improve my photography. When I have my camera in hand, I love capturing people and pets that are oblivious to what I am doing. I find that it tends to become unnatural when people post. I prefer to capture them when they are unaware of the camera; the photo becomes more about the moment and unseen beauty.



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