Posted by: Katie | April 9, 2012

Paranormal Investigator and Esthetician

Kristal (on left), with her daughter – both being silly for the photo. ūüôā
Kristal P.

Kristal, like Nicky, is an online friend I’ve made through us both being Steve Irwin fans. She lives in Oregon and I quickly learned of her unique (but awesome) job as a Ghost Hunter. I’ve always had an interest in ghosts, so I asked her questions about her experiences and learned quite a bit.¬† She even helped created a radio service called Blog Talk Radio; Nicky and I sometimes listened and participated in the live chats – I even won a piece of jewelry during one of their giveaways. Though I have not met Kristal in person, we’ve chatted through Skype a few times and have had lots of laughs – she has such a fun personality. She currently balances her life between Ghost Hunting, working as an Esthetician, and family.

1. When I first knew you, you were a Ghost Hunter. Now you are an Esthetician. What caused the extreme change in career?¬†¬† I am still a Ghost Hunter, but that is something that I don’t get paid for and tend to put out my own money to do it. When I found out that I was going to be a grandmom at the tender young age of 38, I¬†was determined¬†to do something that I have a passion for as much as ghost hunting… something that would allow me to provide for the newest member of my family. Had my lovely daughter,¬†Meagan,¬†not gotten pregnant, I wouldn’t have¬†gone to school when I did.

2. Tell us more about Ghost Hunting. What type of equipment do you use and what does each piece do?¬† My favorite piece is my digtal voice recorder. I love my EVPS (Electronic Voice Phenomena) – some people (myself included)¬†think that when a spirit tries to make contact, we are not able to hear said contact with our ears. However,¬†recordings¬†allow us¬†to play back and hear voices that have no explanation or reason for being there. We also use night vision as well as cameras and camcorders… all in the hopes of captuing that ghostly image. We use K-2 meters which measure current disturbances and can sometimes be used to let us know when a spirit is close.

3. Any ghostly encounters you wish to share?
The encounter that started me down this path¬†occurred in my home. When my family was seeing and hearing the same things that I was, I knew something was going on. I did a small amount of research on my own and decided to set up a recorder;¬†within¬†five minutes, I captured a voice that brought my husband to his knees – it was the¬†voice of his¬†sister who passed away several years earlier. That single experience started me on this journey that I will forever be following. I now¬†have a better understanding of the paranormal, but¬†I don’t feel I will ever fully understand it while I am on this Earth. That won’t stop me from looking for answers though.

4. Why were you drawn to Ghost Hunting? That first experience in my home is what sparked my interest. Until then, I was completely afraid of the unknown – even watching TV shows about paranormal. I felt compelled to figure out what was going on in my home, so that is what started it all… hearing loud knocking noises and what sounded like someone running in my attic. Then, recording that voice and knowing I was the only one here…followed by my husband’s reaction to it. My family heard the noises as well and I knew I wasn’t crazy.

5. Since working at the spa, do you feel like you have found your passion?
I can say with all¬†certainty that I have truly found my passion in life twice over – not only in paranormal investigating, ¬†but also¬†skincare. It’s odd because I was never interested in skincare until I grew older; now, it’s all I can think about… I love my life, my family. and my job. I feel like I have it all and I could not be happier.

6. Do you have any skin care tips or products you recommend for the readers? Skin care should be simple or you won’t want to do it. You also don’t have to pay a lot for good skin care… just choose a mild cleanser a good eye cream and a gentle face cream. I prefer natural skin care products, so¬†I make my own. Something very simple you can do to treat acne is purchase¬†Witch Hazel and organic tea tree oil mix (can be purchased online¬†from Sally’s or at a local grocery store)¬†– mix¬†a few drops of the oil mix with about 4 ounces of Witch Hazel; shake well, then¬†put it on cotton ball¬†– this is a great treatment for acne.

7. You are the co-founder of Blog Talk Radio. What was the main reason you created this station and what was the experience like?
We are about to go back on air soon. It’s just agoofy radio show –¬†we laugh a lot but it’s fun. We have had some amazing guests on for sure.¬† My close personal friend, who has been an investigator for¬†quite a lot of years, came to me and¬†mentioned the ides of¬†doing fun show where there is no drama (the paranormal field tends to be flooded with drama for some reason). We wanted to interview people who were like-minded and just learn from them. We have had the chance to interview people from GHI (Barry Fitzgerald) to name one.¬†Anyway, we wanted to bring something positive to our field hence PSI blog talk radio was born.

8. You are married, have 3 kids, and a some pets. How do you manage to balance family life with work?  
I have 3 kids, 1 grandbaby, my future son-in-law, 3 dogs, and 5 cats. Some days I don’t have time to breath, but it’s worth it. I always put my family first and then I just try to fit in everything else. If I can’t fit something in, then I just don’t do it for the time being. My family is my everything.

Kristal was kind enough to send me a recording of an EVP:
The entity whispers “I don’t know it” at the¬† 8 second mark

“This was the end of the night and we were goofing off by then. I was attempting to make contact one last time so I did shave and a haircut. ¬†fellow investigator Jenn says ‘what kind of crap was that?’. Then another investigator, who is no longer with us, laughs loudly and you hear in a huff (I don’t know it) like the entity doesn’t know shave and a haircut.”



  1. Awesome

  2. […] Kristal¬†allowed me to use her story as my second post on this blog and now she is kindly participating again – this time about her new business called Always Young Skin Care in Oregon. She makes her own organic products for clients and offers a variety of services, such as facials, waxing, and microdermabrasion. […]

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